My name is Juan Riego, for many years I am passionate about the gastronomy of my beloved Tierra Andalucía which has an incredible variety and excellence in food products. It is fantastic that here in the south of Spain are produced absolutely all the basic foods of the Mediterranean diet and that there is a large number of small and medium producers who elaborate them with respect to the traditional method and without industrially altering their Properties resulting in really delicious and healthy products.

From a young age I have been delighted to show travelers visiting Andalusia, our way of living and enjoying. As you know one of the great pleasures of life is eating well and if in addition to eating well you can eat healthy pleasure is also benefit to our health. Already said Hippocrates prestigious Galen of ancient Greece "That Your medicine is your food So what Your food is your medicine” . In short, a good diet is the best medicine for our health.

Several years ago agreed in a nice project of shipping logistics with my partner and friend Henny Endenburg A Dutch lover of our beloved land that has extensive experience in international food logistics. Since we were both passionate about the world of gastronomy in southern Spain and taking advantage of our great entrepreneurial spirit, we decided to unleash one of our passions, the world of Andalusian gastronomy and create this web site, which aims not only to be a benchmark in the promotion and international distribution of food and wine 100% natural Andalusian. We intend to teach the rest of Europe and the world to eat rich and eat healthy at the same time. We intend to be the commercial support that small entrepreneurs need to make their products known outside our borders. In the third quarter of 2019 we opened a Web Shop to bring the Andalusian gourmet product to particulars in the whole of Europe. If you are interested in our Web Shop push the button WEB SHOP at the top of the page.

In short we want you to enjoy in any part of the world of our gastronomy just as we enjoy it!!!.

Welcome to the Taste of Andalusia!!!

Juan Riego & Henny Endenburg.